Hi! I'm Wolf Mermelstein

I'm a CWRU student with a passion for tinkering, tech, coding, Ancient Latin, D&D, strategy board games, creating, designing, engineering, geeking, making, and figuring things out.

Information, projects, contacts, my resume, and more can be found on this website. If you have any questions, feel free to email!


Salutations! I'm Wolf, a CS major at Case Western. I recently graduated from Bard HS Early College, and just finished Recurse Center self-driven programming retreat.

In general, I would consider myself to be a geeky, curious, tech-loving humanoid with a passion for problem-solving and figuring things out. Since middle school I've been self-teaching code, and have tackled various personal projects which I seek to document here. At the moment I'm most interested in fullstack, and have had a lot of fun learning React/Next.js, but I'd like to branch out. I love learning tooling and all things web dev, and I don't want to restrict myself to just backend or frontend. I find rapidly deploying web apps to do useful things to be simply awesome - I love the accessibility of the web.

Most recently, I've been dabbling with hardware, working on a robot that sorts coins by date. I was awarded a student project grant from our campus makerspace earlier this year, and have been focusing on CAD and actually building the robot. I'm planning on building out a Django backend this summer to interface with the Raspberry Pi that actually drives the bot, and do the image analysis to read dates off coins. I also recently won my school's hackathon with two friends, with a project that uses a fine tuned OpenAI model to scan all events on campus and find those with free food.

This site was born from my desire to document and showcase my various eclectic journeys. There's pages presenting some of my favorite projects with detailed descriptions, but also various blogs to document various esoteric adventures. For many pages, they will continue to be updated as the projects and discoveries themselves evolve. Please also feel free to check out my about page to learn more about me, and also see my resume.

I know that there's a lot of content here, and the collection is only going to keep on growing, so I hope that through your scouring of my life questions arise. Technical questions, personal questions, or random questions. I love chatting tech, so if you're interested in any of my work, or have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to any of the above contacts, and I'll try to get back as soon as possible!